Heather Rasmussen
Body Variations
May 13 - June 10, 2017
ACME, Los Angeles

ACME. is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles based artist Heather Rasmussen. Included in the show are recent photographs, sculptures, and video. Greatly influenced by Hans Breder, Ujj Zsuzsi and Rene Magritte in this new body of work, Rasmussen remade one of each of their pictures, in order to walk in their footsteps. From this recitation of surreal and visceral images, Rasmussen was able to develop new forms and methods in her studio for her current photographs and sculptures. Rasmussen relays through photographs and sculptures her interest in what it is to have a body as a woman and as a dancer, and what it is to live among a messy accumulation of things. She choreographs scenes using her own body, plaster casts of her legs and feet, oddly shaped vegetables, and collection of possessions that are loaded with personal and historical meaning. The objects shift between apparent states of movement, stasis and deterioration around the artist’s body, as scenes of her studio are incorporated into still-lifes she creates using mirrors and prints of other photographs. The resulting sculptures and photographs possess a sensually surrealistic but fractured dichotomy.

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Scanning Legs #2 (1 view) VIEW VIDEO